Asia -
Spirit Of The Night (Live In Cambridge)

(CD 2010, 77:21, Frontiers Records FR CD 481)

The tracks:
  1- Only Time Will Tell(4:54)
  2- Time Again(5:38)
  3- An Extraordinary Life(5:18)
  4- My Own Time(6:14)
  5- Open Your Eyes(7:05)
  6- Fanfare For The Common Man(9:08)
  7- Here Comes That Feeling(6:03)
  8- Never Again(5:07)
  9- The Heat Goes On(5:24)
10- Sole Survivor(6:19)
11- Don't Cry(4:28)
12- Heat Of The Moment(6:56)
13- Midnight Sun(4:47)

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This live CD/DVD captures Asia in their original line-up: John Wetton (vocals, bass), Steve Howe (guitar), Geoffrey Downes (keyboards) and Carl Palmer (drums). They play most of their well-known old tracks and a couple of new songs from their reunion album Phoenix. Musically Spirit Of The Night sounds really great, but unfortunately singer John Wetton is not at his best, which make some Asia-classics uncomfortable to listen to. My all time favourite Asia-songs are Only Time Will Tell, Here Comes That Feeling, Sole Survivor and of course Heat Of The Moment, and I truly enjoy listening to these ones over and over again, even played live. However, the two new songs from Phoenix are rather mediocre AOR-songs which never come to life on this album. As for the rest I don't understand why the band decided to play the Emerson, Lake & Palmer-cover Fanfare For The Common Man. This song adds nothing to the original track which I of course still like better for I rather 'hate' covers. Perhaps Spirit Of The Night has been recorded for fans only..?

*** Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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