Ashent - Flaws Of Elation

(CD 2013, Lion Music LMC338)

The tracks:
  1- Flaws Of Men
  2- Mhysteric
  3- Awakened's Transitions
  4- Fallen Angel
  5- Illusory
  6- Silent Remedy
  7- Anaemic Ardency
  8- Persistence Of Frailty
  9- A Puzzled Sentiment
10- Eden
11- Awakened's Transitions (demo 2003)
12- Fallen Angel (demo 2003)
13- Anaemic Ardency (demo 2003)
14- Eden (demo 2003)

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So far the Italian metal band Ashent recorded three albums: Flaws Of Elation (2006), Deconstructive (2009) and Inheritance (2012). This reissue of the debut album contains some additional demo tracks. The music of Ashent on this album is a mixture of prog metal, death metal and elements of techno-trash. It's rather diverse which is mainly due to singer Steve Braun, an American by the way, whose singing is top-notch on Flaws Of Elation. Just listen to him pulling out all the stops in songs like Fallen Angel or Eden and you'll be astonished! Not only the songs differ a lot in tempo, but also within each song many changes of tempo can be heard. This makes the album not that easy to listen to, but for that reason the tracks are never boring. Let's see if this reissue will bring Ashent more recognition or fame than seven years ago. I hope so, but I doubt it. Nevertheless Flaws Of Elation is a must have for all prog metal fans!

***+ Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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