Arts - Find A Way

(CD 2021, 44:25, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- In Search Of Ignorance(10:36)
  2- Find a Way(7:44)
  3- Psychedelic Rendezvous(9:57)
  4- Try to Be You(5:34)
  5- Blind Alley(6:49)
  6- Yearning(3:45)

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Arts from Sweden bring us a Find A Way, an excellent entry into the world of neo-prog. Echoes of Janos Varga Project and perhaps some influence from Camel work their way into the album but overall the music is quite original and moves effortlessly through various moods and structures.

The musical performances, particularly on In Search Of Ignorance, Psychedelic Rendezvous and Yearning are top notch - The intriguing juxtaposition of Jonas Kjernald's keyboards and Jessica Jonevad Bonté's guitars is anchored with the excellent bass work of Stefan Sahl and the solid drumming of Dan Berglund.

Surprisingly, my favourite tracks tend be some of the shorter entries - Blind Alley and the instrumental closer Yearning.

If I had to find a fault in the disc, the vocals of Stefan Sahl sound somewhat forced, almost as if trying to sound more “American”, which initially seems quite out of place, particularly on the opening track In Search Of Ignorance. After a few listens it becomes less distracting but is perhaps the weakest link for this band.

Overall, quite a fine effort and I look forward to hearing more from this band in the future

***+ David Carswell

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