Argent - All Together Now

(CD 2012, 45:15, Esoteric Recordings ECLEC 2321)

The tracks:
  1- Hold Your Head Up(6:19)
  2- Keep On Rollin'(4:29)
  3- Tragedy(4:50)
  4- I Am The Dance Of Ages(3:47)
  5- Be My Lover, Be My Friend(5:20)
  6- He's A Dynamo(3:49)
  7- Pure Love(13:10)
Bonus Track:
  8- Closer To Heaven(3:31)

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Most people who like rock music and were born in the forties, the fifties or the sixties, know the song Hold Your Head Up performed by Argent. This classic rock track was also Argent's greatest success reaching the charts in many countries. It's the opening song of Argent's third album called All Together Now (1972), which is now released as a remastered edition by Esoteric Recordings. Back then the line-up of Argent consisted of his name-giver Rod Argent (vocals, Hammond organ, formerly of The Zombies), Jim Rodford (bass guitar, vocals), Robert Henrit (drums) and the legendary guitar player Russ Ballard.
I always considered Argent as a rather good Deep Purple clone and I always loved - and I still do - the hit single Hold Your Head Up. The remainder of the album, however, contains rather boring and outdated organ blues related music which actually cannot stand the wear and tear of time. The only good song, besides Hold Your Head Up, is the thirteen-minute long Pure Love featuring some great organ solos by Rod Argent and finally some outstanding guitar solos by Russ Ballard. Whether these two great songs are worthwhile to buy this album or not is up to the listener...

**+ Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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