Anyone -
On The Ending Earth...

(CD 2020, 63:50, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- It's Already Too Late(4:31)
  2- Mother Superior(4:08)
  3- Sip The Pleasure Of Days(3:23)
  4- All That Lives Is Born To Die(10:07)
  5- Thought I Was(3:54)
  6- A Brief Sparkle In The Nothingness(7:53)
  7- Lament(4:56)
  8- Sister Wrongway(5:28)
  9- Want(2:40)
10- Sip(1:10)
11- A Love Letter To Humanity(3:34)
12- Die With Me(4:37)
13- Fade To Black(7:29)

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Anyone is in fact a solo band from Riz Story who plays all the instruments and also does the production by the way. On Anyone's debut album Riz Story is assisted by Jon Davison (bass guitar on Thought I Was), Ethereal (piano on A Brief Sparkle In The Nothingness) and Miles Martin (bass guitar on Sip The Pleasure Of Days).

On The Ending Earth... is filled with psychedelic ballads and lots of progressive rock tracks showing and featuring musical characteristics from bands like Radiohead, Tool, Led Zeppelin and Jane's Addiction. Riz is a first-class vocalist, an excellent guitar player and he also masters the drums almost perfectly. Musical highlights are: Fade To Black (very atmospheric), Die With Me (a psychedelic prog rock song), the emotional ballad Thought I Was and of course the epic All That Lives Is Born To Die (clocking just over ten minutes), the latter being a very diverse, dramatic prog rock song.

This album will definitely not be everyone's cup of tea, but I suggest that you give it a few spins and then you might consider that On The Ending Earth... is rather a pleasant album to listen to.

*** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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