Anima Mundi - Jagannath Orbit

(2008, 67:18, Musea FGBG 47.AR)

The tracks:
1- We Are The Light(17:42)
2- The Awaken Dreamer in the Soul Garden Dreams the Flower Planets(04:39)
3- Toward the Adventure(06:12)
4- There's a Place Not Faraway(05:12)
5- Jagannath Orbit(11:43)
6- Rhythm of the Spheres(16:29)
7- Sanctuary(05:19)

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Anima Mundi - Jagannath Orbit

In 2002 the promising Cuban formation Anima Mundi delivered their debut album entitled Septentrion, a very pleasant and melodic album that scans the borders between neo-prog, symphonic rock and progfolk. We had to wait six years for this new album and I can tell you it was worth waiting that long period of time!

On Jagannath Orbit the sound is more in the 24-carat symphonic rock tradition, blended with subtle contributions by guest musicians on clarinet, bassoon, bagpipes and didgeridoo. The long and varied first composition We Are The Light (close to 18 minutes), turns out to be the way to progheaven. First mellow with piano and soaring keyboards, then alternating between swinging, bombastic, dreamy and a mid-tempo featuring wonderful sounds on vintage keyboards like Hammond, mellotron, minimoog, wah-wah guitar, Yes-like bass playing and vocal harmonies and a breathtaking final part with sumptuous mellotron choirs and sensitive electric guitar. Goose bumps! The other six compositions, from which two are instrumental, also deliver lots of excitement like the strong guitar work including biting wah-wah in Toward The Adventure. In There's A Place Not Far Away we hear the sound of a majestic church-organ, moving guitar and beautiful mellotron waves in a spectacular break with guitar and keyboards. Again wonderful vintage keyboards and wah-wah guitar in the long and compelling instrumental Rhythm Of The Spheres. Splendid minimoog flights, mellotron choirs, fiery guitar and lush keyboards in the final track Sanctuary. This is a real progheaven album! A big hand for this Cuban progrock formation. These guys have perfectly used the six years between their first and second album. Highly recommended!

**** Erik Neuteboom (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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The band:
Roberto Díaz: electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar in track 2, voice.
Virginia Peraza: keyboards
Yaroski Corredera: bass guitar.
Ariel Valdés: drums, bongo & batá.
Osvaldo Vieites: drums.
Carlos Sosa: lead vocals.

Guest musicians:
Anaisy Gómez: clarinet, bagpipes, recorder.
Javier Mauri: percussion, recorder.
Donna Betancourt: bassoon.
Jacobo García: didgeridoo.

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