Anèma - After The Sea

(CD 2017, 35:53, Independent Release DG002 Cd002)

The tracks:
  1- Intro(1:43)
  2- After The Sea(5:07)
  3- She(4:42)
  4- Free Forever(4:37)
  5- Some Fires(4:50)
  6- Let The Sky In The Mainland(4:30)
  7- Song For Nothing(5:06)
  8- This Place Needs Revolution(4:00)
  9- Outro(1:15)


Anèma are an Italian progressive rock formation that have been playing live since 2015.This is the Syracuse quartets debut album. After The Sea is a conceptual album. The band plays a blend of progressive rock and AOR, which references Styx at some points. The band consists of Dario Giannì; bass and keyboards. Lorenzo Giannì; guitars and keyboards, drummer Salvo Crucitti and finally vocalist Baco Dì Silenzio.

After The Sea is an album that contains nine tracks. The first and last are intro's and outro's. What remains are fairly dated compositions, with occasional interesting guitar and bass arrangements. The title track After The Sea, is an eighties sounding progressive melodic rock with hunches to Styx. Free Forever has minor modern elements. Let The Sky In The Mainland has a nice Korn referring guitar sound. Song For Nothing should be seen as the band's obligated ballad and should appeal to the progressive rock fan for the nice keyboard and sax parts. But basically all tracks are way to mediocre to really impress and the songs don't hold surprising elements, therefore Anèma will have a real struggle to climb the ladder of progressive rock. No comments on the vocals, you could ask yourself, for this Italian band surely is a vocal based quartet. Yep, no comments on the vocals.

I hope Anèma sees this release as a demo, for the quality is far below the average I get to listen to as a reviewer. The first step would be a minor line-up change to begin with. Which one? I remain Silence. I rest my case.

**+ Pedro Bekkers (edited by Dave Smith)

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