Andrea Torello -
Appunti Di Viaggio

(CD 2018, 35:36, Zeit Interference / Lizard Records, Zeit CD 009)

The tracks:
  1- Intro(2:24)
  2- Ed E' Quasi Per Caso(3:13)
  3- Risveglio(3:54)
  4- Solo Per Te(4:06)
  5- L'Origine Del Mondo(5:04)
  6- Te Lo Dico Cosi(2:29)
  7- Ninna Nanna(4:09)
  8- Estate, Di Sera(5:20)
  9- Melodia D'Autunno(2:40)
10- Outro(2:24)

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Andrea Torello is a bass player from Italy. Over the years he has played in several bands. He started in 1992. The bands he plays in are Qirsh, Walter Becarria e i Luridi, Premonition Band, C'erokee, Trailers and Sciaka. They are bands from pop to rock, from jazz to relaxation music. All-in all Andrea is a busy man. He also launched his first solo album in 2018, called Appunti Di Viaggio. Seeing all the styles he plays in other bands, I was curious what his solo album sounds like.

The cover of the disc does not reveal anything of what we can hear in the music; still curious in that way.

The first track is, like the title says, the Intro of the album. Some Jean Michelle Jarre sounds enter. I also hear a bit of meditation music, including sounds that gives me the thoughts of seals, but they do irritate me, as if the seals have a cold. The singing in the second song, Ed E' Quasi Per Caso is only the lyric: dub, dub, dub and it does not sound okay to me. I frown my eyebrows while listening to this music that I do not understand. The bass sounds okay, but hey, Andrea is a bass player right! Risveglio sounds like a synthesizer greatest song, not as a prog song or familiar with that style. While listening to Solo Per Te I think of meditation, it is really relaxing music. In L'origine Del Mondo the seals return, as cold as they were in the opening track. They still irritate me, sorry. In the song Ninna Nanna you will hear anything that looks like a guitar solo. The polyphonic vocals in Estate, Di Sera are nothing but false. I thought that I was misled into in a bad joke and could not listen to the whole song. Melodia D'Autunno seems to be the song that has the most proggy thing in it. In Outro the seals return again and I only could think: No, not again...

So as you can read in the review, this album will not get a rating by me simply because it is too less prog. I surely can think out of the box, but this goes too far, unfortunately. I hope the disc will find its way to listeners that can appreciate it.

No rating Michel Stolk (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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