Ally The Fiddle - Up

(CD 2018, 63:26, Gentle Art Of Music GAOM059)

The tracks:
  1- Sisyphos(6:26)
  2- Aphotic Zone(6:01)
  3- The Bass Thing(8:01)
  4- The Path(7:43)
  5- Tree(6:09)
  6- Try To Stop Me(5:28)
  7- Living In A Bubble(6:24)
  8- Entering Stratosphere(4:23)
  9- Center Sun(8:34)
Bonus Track
10- Surfing With The Alien(4:17)


If you take a look at the cover of the disc, it is immediately noticeable that it is a particularly colourful cover. In addition, we see a mermaid playing violin. The information provided also tells us that this band is all about Ally Storch, a lady from Germany who can play the violin beautiful and excellently. Besides Ally the band consists of Robert Klawonn (guitar), Eric Langbecker (guitar), Rouven Haliti (chapman stick), Simon Tumielewicz (bass) and Stefan Hukriede (drums). There are also a lot of guest musicians, such as Marco Minnemann (Aristocrats) (drums at The Path), Sebastian Baur & Alf Ator (Knorkator)(vocals at Tree and Center Sun), Benni Cellini (Letzte Instanz)(Cello at Tree), Jen Majura (Evanescense)(guitar at Try To Stop Me), Jerry Goodman (The Flock, Mahavishnu Orchestra)(violin at Try To Stop Me) and Felix Wiegand (Dick Brave and the Backbetas)(contrabass at Sisyphos).

As much as the colour that you discover on the cover, so is the variation which can be heard on the album. The album consists of five instrumental songs, four with vocals, and a cover of Joe Satriani's Surfing With The Alien. The style of music cannot be described immediately because it ranges from quiet and subtle to hard and pounding. Also the voice of Ally is distinctive because she has a really low voice. I am sorry to say it, but I do not like her voice. If I listen to the music, I surely hear the quality. However, in too many songs you can hear muscle-making and powerhouse, making me want to stop listening because of the lack of cohesion. I do not like to quit because I hear the potential of the band, but on these songs I hear too much loose sand, songs that are too long to be a song and have no structure. To be honest, the covered song of Joe Satriani is the finest song to me, probably because it has a head, middle and tail.

Because the music jumps too much for me, I do not have enough themes in it and cannot really identify with the music, I will not judge it. As far as I am concerned you can check if you can stream the album somewhere and you can give your own opinion.

No rating, Michel Stolk (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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