All Over Everywhere -
Inner Firmaments Decay

(CD 2010, 42:22, Emkog Records EMKOG010)

The tracks:
  1- Art of the Earth(4:13)
  2- Endless Night(3:18)
  3- The Shroud(5:40)
  4- Honesty(4:29)
  5- After all the Years(6:57)
  6- On a dark Street(3:08)
  7- Until the sun begins to Fall(3:32)
  8- Gratitude(10:34)

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It's rare to read a biography about a band provided by the record company which is actually accurate. In the case of the debut album of the American band All Over Everywhere the information is completely correct. I quote: 'Soon after the group was formed in 2007, the plans for an album were well underway. Since most of the songs were a bit dreary and melancholy the design for the album was seven sad songs followed by one happy and uplifting song.' The key word here is 'dreary' which could be replaced by 'rather boring'. The music of All Over Everywhere - basically a cooperation of keyboard player and guitarist Dan Britton and violinist Trinna Kesner helped by a lot of friends and relatives - is quiet, very quiet, with female vocals that sound good but without any variation, becoming dreary indeed after a while. The record has a slight English/Canterbury feel which is nice but again, the uniformity of the compositions doesn't help the enjoyment of Inner Firmaments Decay.

**André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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