Alex Carpani - 4 Destinies

(CD 2014, 54:44, Festival Music 201403)

The tracks:
  1- The Silk Road(13:00)
  2- Time Spiral(13:32)
  3- Sky And Sea(14:04)
  4- The Infinite Room(14:18)

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4 Destinies is the third album recorded by the Swiss-born Italian composer and progressive rock musician Alex Carpani. Previously he recorded Waterline (2007) and The Sanctuary (2010). The new album is based on four possible destinies that a man may find on his life path, so actually it's more or less a concept album. Apart from Carpani (lead vocals, keyboards) the album had been recorded with David Jackson (ex-Van der Graaf Generator, saxophones, flutes), Ettore Salati (ex-The Watch, Soul Engine, DAAL, The Red Zen, guitars), GB Giorgi (bass), Alessandro Di Caprio (drums) and Joe Sal (additional vocals). From time to time the music on the four tracks tends in the direction of the classic progressive rock of the seventies.

I think that Alex Carpani had been strongly inspired by the bands that ruled the world of prog rock in those days like Genesis, Yes, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, King Crimson, P.F.M. and Van der Graaf Generator (VDGG), just to name a few. It's evident that characteristics of those bands can be heard throughout the album, especially VDGG if David Jackson is contributing to the album. Being a keyboard player it's hard to deny that Carpani would not be influenced by the big names in the prog rock scene. Therefore traces of the music of Rick Wakeman (ex-Yes), Tony Banks (Genesis) and Keith Emerson (ELP) can be noticed on most of the tracks. Of course I didn't mind at all because sounding like the best keyboard players ever isn't something I hate. On the contrary, I love every second that Carpani touches the keys.

You might think that 4 Destinies is a keyboard orientated album, but that's certainly not the case. Sure, Alex Carpani gets room enough to excel, but this also applies to his fellow-musicians. The guitars, vocals, saxophones and flutes have more than once a leading role and they make 4 Destinies a very varied album. Mentioning any highlights is a difficult thing to do since the entire album can be seen as one musical highlight. Take a chance and listen to this album and you'll probably be as positive as I am. Thumbs up for Alex Carpani and his fellow-musicians who delivered such a fine album!

**** Henri Strik (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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