Aldo Pinelli -
Suite Italiana

(CD 2014, 42:55, Lizard Records)

The tracks:
  1- Una Notte A Treviso(3:00)
  2- Acquel Tiempo Del Verano(1:42)
  3- Las Nubes Y Las Sierras(2:44)
  4- El Castillo Interior(2:28)
  5- El Combate de Oligado(3:13)
  6- Hojas Secas(2:09)
  7- El Algarrabo Abuelo(2:13)
  8- Misterios Del Mediterráneo(4:00)
  9- Encuentro Posible Entre Piazzolla Y Fripp(5:00)
10- Suite Italiana: Roma(4:23)
11- Suite Italiana: Firenze(2:59)
12- Suite Italiana: Venezia(6:02)
13- Suite Italiana: Famiglia Furlan(3:00)

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Multi-instrumentalist Aldo Pinelli (electric and acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards and vocals) is half of the band Habitat. Under his own name, he released a number of albums, encouraged by friends who told him they liked his classical guitar playing. Suite Italiana is one of these albums, on which he plays together with drummer Roberto Sambrizzi, his soul mate in Habitat. The two are accompanied by Paula Dolcero on cello and Sylvia Pratolongo on percussion.

This album is, as may be expected based on the above, filled with a lot of classical and acoustic guitar music, combined with cello and percussion - and an occasional organ and electrical guitar joining in. Taken from a classical guitar perspective, this may be called progressive, but to qualify the album as a progressive rock album is a bit far-fetched. As such, I will provide no score here. For those who love classical or acoustic guitar based instrumental music, there is a lot to be found on this album.

There is however one reason to include this review on Background Magazine, and that is the track Encuentro Posible Entre Piazzolla Y Fripp (A possible meeting between Piazzolla and Fripp). Ástor Piazzolla was an Argentinian tangeuro and bandeon player, who died in 1992. On this track, Pinelli mixes tango with Fripp-like electric guitar to show what might have happened if Piazzolla and Fripp had indeed met - and it works, somehow.

For Fripp fans and/or those who like classical guitar with an edge, this is worth a listen - even if not fully qualified as progressive rock.

no rating Angelo Hulshout (edited by Astrid de Ronde)

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