Alarion -
Waves Of Destruction

(CD 2016, 58:10, Freia Music THOR31)

The tracks:
  1- Chains Of The Collective(5:58)
  2- Waves Of Destruction Part 1(1:06)
  3- Waves Of Destruction Part 2(9:07)
  4- Estrangement(1:39)
  5- Turn Of Fate(7:37)
  6- Colourblind(5:19)
  7- Clash Of Eternity(4:11)
  8- A Life Less Ordinary(6:55)
  9- The Whistleblower Part 1(1:16)
10- The Whistleblower Part 2(10:38)
11- Turn Of Fate (acoustic)(4:32)

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Alarion is a new, spectacular musical project produced, played and composed by Bas Willemsen. On this debut album Bas plays the guitars, the bass guitar, the keyboards and he is responsible for the orchestration. On this outstanding “heavy” progressive metal album you can enjoy two excellent vocalists, namely Damian Wilson (Threshold and Headspace) and Irene Jansen (Star One and Ayreon).

The 11 songs on this album range from atmospheric ballads to really catchy heavy prog metal. Take for example the more than excellent opener Chains Of The Collective, featuring great guitar riffs and outstanding vocals by Wilson. Turn Of Fate is another great song, featuring the dramatic vocals of Jansen accompanied by melodic piano playing. Absolute highlight of this album is the epic song The Whistleblower (clocking over 12 minutes), a homage to prog rock in its pure sense. The Whistleblower is based on the story of a UN police officer who tried to blow the whistle on sex trafficking in Bosnia and the lyrics are beautifully sung by Wilson, Paul Glandorf and Tineke Roseboom.

Waves Of Destruction is an album with lots of melody and diversity, featuring classic rock, folk, jazz, progressive rock and metal and the only superfluous track is the acoustic version of the song Turn Of Fate...
Highly recommended and one of the top albums of this year, so check it out.

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Astrid de Ronde)

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