Ajalon - This Good Place

(CD 2009; 59:35; Progrock records PRR 041)

The tracks:
  1- Love Is a Dream(07:16)
  2- Nickels and Dimes, Marbles and Stones(04:52)
  3- Not Man(06:42)
  4- Abstract Malady(06:44)
  5- Lullaby Of Bedlam(08:40)
  6- Redemption(19:06)
  7- This Good Place(06:07)

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This is a strange record because it is - probably unwillingly - divided into two halves. The first three tracks contain rather mediocre middle of the road AOR that donít make a lasting impression. Itís all the more disappointing if you know this is already Ajalon ís third album and the musicians are no green beans either: guitarist Randy George, best known from Neal Morseís Band, bass player and vocalist Wil Henderson and drummer Dan Lile.

Then everything changes with the fourth track Abstract Melody, which is an excellent instrumental with a guest performance of keyboard player Fred Schendel (Glass Hammer). From then on, the songs become lengthier and more proggy, cumulating in the 19-minute epic Redemption. This song gets its vibes from its Christian theme, the wonderful voice of singer Robyn Dawn and a very nice organ solo that reminds me of Ö indeed, Glass Hammer. I have to confess: during the first two spins of this record, I never made it past track 3, but now Iím glad I did! From now on Iíll program this CD to play from track 4.

* (first half), ***+ (second half) Andrť de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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