Aeverium - The Harvest (EP)

(EPCD 2013, 16:27, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Do You Remember
  2- Rest In Peace
  3- Heaven's Burning (Harvest Time)
  4- The Ground Beneath Your Feet

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The German six-piece Aeverium plays progressive metal with a gothic touch. The band consist of Aeva Maurelle (vocals), Marcel 'Chubby' Römer (vocals), Michael Karius (guitars), Lars Dannenberg (bass), Klaus Radtke (drums) and Andreas Delvos (keyboards and all kinds of different sounds). They are very ambitious since their goal is to b ecome a well-known metal band playing the big festivals and getting heard all over the globe. So, would this first EP help them to take the first hurdle to world fame? I'm afraid I can't answer that question, although I think that Aeverium have recorded a promising mini-album called The Harvest. It contains four strong compositions recorded by the Dutch guitarist Sander Gommans (After Forever) and the well-known singer and musical coach Amanda Somerville.

Musically they are influenced by Within Temptation − listen for instance to the vocals on The Ground Beneath Your Feet Nightwish and Evanescence. The combination of the harsh male vocals and the melodious female vocals works pretty well and provide the compositions a tense atmosphere. Beside the slight gothic feel, modern electronics help them to create a sound that might turn out to become an original sound. For now the compositions are too close to the bands that influenced them, but I'm sure they'll find a sound of their own.

What about their goal to become world-famous? Of course, that's up to the fans and buyers of this kind of music, but I think Aeverium made a promising start by recording a mini-album worthwhile listening to. The Harvest is very varied within each composition a blend of heavy guitars, melodic keyboards and inspired vocals.

**** Pedro Bekkers (edited Peter Willemsen)

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