Addyction -
Wonderful Delusion

(CD 2014, 48:49, Lynx Music)

The tracks:
  1- Addiction(05:20)
  2- Bridges Left To Burn(04:17)
  3- Lost Control & Kneeling (Nocturnal Desires)(04:46)
  4- Abandoned(05:18)
  5- The Interlude Of Pain(01:36)
  6- Wonderful Delusion(06:34)
  7- Apoptosis(05:14)
  8- Filled With Void(04:59)
  9- Journey Of A Lifetime(05:44)
10- Until We Meet Again...(05:01)

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Polish guitarist Adam Muszynski started his career as a musician with metal band Divine Insanity, and later started the project Hornad together with other former members of Divine Insanity. The desire to play more complex music led him to start working on solo material, which eventually led to his debut album, Wonderful Delusion - recorded in 2012 and 2013 and released in 2014.

On this album, Muzsynski plays all instruments himself and is assisted by guest musicians on three tracks. Having played Steve Vai's For the Love of God in the finale of a Polish guitarist competition, it is pretty clear that Adam Muszynski knows his way on his main instrument. That shows on the album, starting with the first track Addiction, which is about his love for the instrument itself. A nice, well executed acoustic intro leads to a track that shows he can play rhythm, lead and all the fast notes, without losing his feel for melody. This continues on the heavier, Steve Vai inspired Bridges Left to Burn. On tracks like Lost Control & Kneeling and Until We Meet Again he shows a mellower side, while Abandoned clearly shows his metal roots, but it adds all the bits that make it into a progressive guitar rock composition.

All tracks on the album tell a different story, and they are certainly varied in composition - no straight forward guitar rock, nor yet another guitar hero. And still... the album doesn't really stick with me. Maybe because I'm spoiled by the works of the same people that inspired Muszynski, maybe 50 minutes of guitar oriented songs, with only a little room for keyboards and piano is a bit much. The man can play, but his debut album needs a bit more to really become 'sticky'.

***+ Angelo Hulshout (edited by Astrid de Ronde)

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