Adam Jurczynski - Breath

(CD 2023, 60:42, Lynx Music LM224CD)

The tracks:
  1- Underground World(3:07)
  2- Ocean Of Time(5:50)
  3- Voice In Your Soul(2:06)
  4- Power Of The Human Mind(7:32)
  5- Secrets(4:37)
  6- Breath(3:46)
  7- I'm Flying In Your Garden(5:35)
  8- Life And...(2:52)
  9- Traveler(5:36)
10- Crossroads(2:21)
11- Forever(5:59)
12- The Tree Of Life(6:15)
Bonus :
13- Matter Crystals(4:41)

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Polish composer Adam Jurczynski (vocals, guitars, bass guitar, keyboards) turns into another musical direction with his new album Breath, as this one is full of positive energy and even spiritual elements.

Jurczynski pays tribute to the legendary Pink Floyd with this album called Breath, which opens with the rather obscure song Underground World, which is filled with electronics and soundscapes, making it hard to follow and really ”enjoy” this opening track. Follow up Ocean Of Time is much better as it contains an excellent guitar riff and a nice guitar solo as well, and it really sounds like art rock and kind of reminds me of solo material from David Gilmour. Secrets is an instrumental song, featuring beautiful melodic guitar work/solos and it is truly one of my favourites on this album. Power Of The Human Mind, the longest track of the album, is really Gilmourish indeed, even the vocals sound like the Floyd-icon, while musically this is Jurczynski at his best, melancholic art rock pure indeed! The weirdest song on this album to me is called Traveler, which after the soundscapes intro evolves into an obscure/mysterious song filled with the whispering voices of Monika Rudnicka, Tomasz Jezierski, Ania Jezierski and Joanna Skrobecka; not my cup of tea actually. I'm Flying In Your Garden is another instrumental one featuring saxophone, played by Michal Borowski, and to me a bit too much saxophone, but the song is kind of relaxed and Jurczynski guitar playing saves this one, kind of at least...

Overall, the album is quite diverse, but some songs really lack the musical level of the first five tracks, but if you are into Floyd and the solo material of Gilmour than you should check out Breath.

*** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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