Adam Jurczynski -
Beyond The Horizon

(CD 2019, 32:49, Lynx Music LM172CD)

The tracks:
  1- Cosmic Abyss
  2- Zero Gravity
  3- The Mony
  4- Over The Edge
  5- Genesis Of Aggression
  6- Orion Shadow
  7- Kasiopea
  8- Dark Side Of Jupiter
  9- Beyond The Horizon

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Adam Jurczynski is a Polish guitar player who also is a member of Michał Stawiński Oberschlesien. With his instrumental album Beyond The Horizon he is broadening his horizon, combining solid rock with pure progressive rock elements. Adam plays the guitar and takes care of the bass parts. The drums on Beyond The Horizon are provided by Bobi. Guest musician on one song is keyboard player Robert Cajgier.

Musically Beyond The Horizon takes us from melodic progressive rock in Cosmic Abyss to heavy shredding in the powerhouse Dark Side Of Jupiter and atmospherically post rock in the title track Beyond The Horizon. As a guitarist Adam certainly knows how to play and aforementioned Cosmic Abyss, the heavier The Mony, with a strong combination of build-up guitar parts and the melodramatic Over The Edge are beautiful compositions. My personal favourite is Genesis Of Aggression, an almost brutal track with the additional keyboards of Robert Cajgier. The addition of this keyboard is a cherished one, adding something special to the composition. An extra one or two of those additions would have been very nice.

I think with an album like Beyond The Horizon, Adam Jurczynski lets the world outside Poland notice what a great musician he is. But not only as a musician, his compositions are very interesting, sometimes catching and spanning a wide palette of atmospheres. It is this diversity where Adam differs from the regular shredders and makes him more interesting. Well done!

**** Pedro Bekkers (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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