Abysal -
Explorer Of The Worlds

(CD 2022, 47:02, Lynx Music)

The tracks:
  1- First Exit From The Galaxy(6:25)
         - Part 1 Open Terminal
         - Part 2 Out Of The Real
  2- Black Abyss(8:52)
         - Part 1 Unknown
         - Part 2 Im Flying
  3- New World(7:52)
  4- Discovery(5:28)
  5- Nothingness(4:09)
  6- Out Of The World(5:40)

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Abysal is a music project formed by the Polish guitar player Adam Jurczynski in the year 2002 and after a 19-year hiatus Explorer Of The Worlds, Abysal's (read: Jurczynski) second album is released.

Explorer Of The Worlds is a concept album (a tribute to the members of the Apollo 1 mission way back in 1977), featuring six songs with lots of instrumental passages, but also with vocal pieces. Jurczynski plays almost every instrument on this album; guitars, bass guitar, keyboards and even some weird semi-vocals in two songs. The album is filled with ambient and art rock soundscapes which tend to be too long and before you can enjoy some “real” rock music you have to be very patient as a listener, as the first 18 minutes of the album are rather spacy, tranquil, and not really diverse or musically intriguing. Discovery is the first real progressive rock song featuring lots of great guitar licks, riffs, solos, hooks, and melodies and Out Of The World is also packed with hard rock guitar riffs, but the vocal parts are rather weird and remind me of gothic rock. Closing track Voyager 1 1977 is a welcome mix of space rock, prog rock and hard rock and is probably one of the best-balanced tracks on the entire album.

Overall, you could say that Explorer Of The Worlds is a rather mixed, unbalanced album filled with new age, art rock, hard rock, and progressive “instrumental” rock, sometimes featuring excellent guitar work; so, give it a try!

*** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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