A Flying Fish -
El Pez Que Voló - Act I

(CD 2023, 42:24, Apollon Records AP163CD)

The tracks:
  1- Obertoora(2:45)
  2- Genezees(9:28)
  3- Teezuck(4:51)
  4- Fear Thyself(1:47)
  5- Twin Snails(4:57)
  6- Upon a Star(3:23)
  7- Holy Fruit(3:25)
  8- A Hé-Kuree Dream(4:09)
  9- Mama, Papa!(4:08)
10- Destiny Calls(3:32)

samples      Apollon Records

A Flying Fish is a project created by a certain Râhoola from Monterrey, Mexico. He also made with the experimental rock band Vitam Aeternam in 2020 the album The Self-Aware Frequency. A Flying Fish already released their debut album Carnival Of Souls in 2020 and now there is the successor El Pez Que Voló Act I.

On this second release Râhoola plays the keyboards, piano, guitar and bass, provides the programming and is responsible for the orchestrations and choirs on the album.

This concept album is based on texts from the Christian and Buddhist faiths and tells the story of the main character Teezûck, a son of a bird and a fish. The gloomy deep-sea dweller receives a vision in which he is challenged to face his fears. A journey follows of confrontations with the mores of the past and a search for his true destiny.

During the almost 45 minutes of music you get a musical rollercoaster which sounds like a true Musical theatre. You hear a form of a theatrical performance that combines songs and spoken dialogue and if the images also would be available there would be acting and dance as well. The story and emotional content of a musical is present as well with humour, pathos, love and anger. Musicals such as Beauty And The Beast, Sweeney Todd, West Side Story, The Aristocats, Cabaret, Doctor Dolittle and Chicago come to mind. But also rock operas come to mind as well. Rock operas such as Tommy, The Rocky Horror Show or Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds. But also fantasy and fairytale movies might have been an inspiration. Movies such as Alice In Wonderland, Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them, The Little Mermaid and Harry Potter. This is all mixed with some elements taken from rock, metal, pop and even sometimes progressive rock.

The music itself is very professionally composed and sometimes rather entertaining if you do like musicals and rock operas. The songs are mainly dominated by strong vocal performances and therefore don't expect any long solos performed on the guitars and keyboards.

However one thing becomes quite clear after listening to El Pez Que Voló Act I. A Flying Fish has released a very impressive album that takes you on a very adventurous musical journey if you are open for it! So take this musical ride as I did and let yourself be entertained. And imagine you are in a theatre listening to a musical or rock opera. The images of dancing and acting you have to make up yourself!

*** Henri Strik (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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