Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe -
Live at the Birmingham N.E.C.

(2CD / DVD 2012, 73:41 / 71:55 / 26:54, Gonzo Multimedia HST006CD)

The tracks:
  1- Time And A Word/Owner Of A Lonely Heart /           Teakbois(7:28)
  2- The Clap(4:21)
  3- Mood For A Day(4:13)
  4- Wakeman Solo(5:05)
  5- Long Distance Runaround/Drum Solo(7:20)
  6- Birthright(6:34)
  7- And You And I(10:39)
  8- I've Seen All Good People(8:54)
  9- Close To The Edge(19:06)
  1- Themes/Bruford/Levin Duet(12:00)
  2- Brother Of Mine(10:07)
  3- Jon Anderson's Speech(1:36)
  4- The Meeting(4:46)
  5- Heart Of The Sunrise(11:20)
  6- Roundabout(8:55)
  7- Starship Trooper(13:33)
  8- Order Of The Universe(9:38)
         - Video: ABWH - Off The Wall

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Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe were a project of Jon Anderson (vocals, percussion, acoustic guitar), Bill Bruford (drums, percussion), Rick Wakeman (keyboards) and Steve Howe (lead guitar), who all played together in Yes in the early seventies. They recorded one eponymous album in 1989 (see review) and now Gonzo Multimedia released a vintage concert of these four music icons available as a Deluxe edition on two CDs and a DVD. The four musicians were 'assisted' by Tony Levin (bass), Julian Colbeck (keyboards) and Milton McDonald (guitar).

The double-CD contains sixteen songs of which nine are classic Yes tracks. In my opinion the best tracks on this album are Close To The Edge, Long Distance Runaround and Starship Trooper. The rest of the set list consists of pieces from the ABWH album of which Order Of The Universe and Brother Of Mine are the highlights. Furthermore you can watch solo spots from all musicians of which The Clap and Mood For A Day by Steve Howe are the most tiresome. The keyboard solo of Rick Wakeman is okay, but the drum and the bass solo are again not of my liking. This is all so 'seventies'! Moreover, I can't listen to Roundabout anymore as it has been featured far too often on Yes live albums and it has been played on the radio too much as well. Besides these points of criticism I still like this album; it's a rather welcome addition to An Evening With Yes Music Plus. The DVD contains a 26-minute documentary recorded by Julian Colbeck about the things that happened before, during and after the gig.

*** Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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