23Acez -
Embracing The Madness

(CD 2018, 54:25, Freya Records 191567)

The tracks:
  1- Re-(2:32)
  2- Animation(4:55)
  3- Cellbound(5:32)
  4- Shadows(4:45)
  5- Where Do You Go(4:11)
  6- Embracing The Madness(6:10)
  7- Expectations(4:17)
  8- Catch 23(1:49)
  9- Numb(5:46)
10- The Deeper Thing(3:32)
11- Evolution(4:23)
12- Freefall(6:23)

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The band 23Acez comes from Belgium and consists of Benny Willaert (vocals and guitar), Tom Tas (guitar), Tom Hesters (bass guitar, programming) and Louis van der Linden (drums). They were founded in 2012 and made the albums Crossroads (2012) and Redemption Waves (2014) before Embracing The Madness arrived at our office.

What can we expect from our neighbours? To be direct and clear, they play heavy melodic metal with a power that is incredible. Helloween comes to mind in the melodic parts of the music. And that is a compliment because Helloween are still one of the leading bands nowadays in the melodic and power metal area.

Benny is a good vocalist, he has a wide range in his voice and has power, that the music needs. Tom Tas is an excellent guitar player and he shows us what he can do, from riffing to beautiful solos, he can play it all. The rhythm section is top notch, you can hear that they are used to playing together.

If you like metal oriented music with great melodies, then you surely need to listen to this band. However, I think not many readers of our website like the music that this band play. That is why I do not write that much about this disc. But, again, if you like what I wrote before, go and listen to it, it is a good album.

**** Michel Stolk (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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