The 16 Deadly Improvs -
The Triumph Of The 16 Deadly Improvs

(CD 2010, 70:52, Rosemont Recording  RRCD67)

The tracks:
  1- Sand Palm IV(1:18)
  2- Spirit or Matter(4:30)
  3- Torpedo(5:23)
  4- Bugbear Blues(3:33)
  5- Invincible Pole Fighters(3:58)
  6- Into Another Time(5:41)
  7- Rise of the Septopi(3:53)
  8- Gargantua!(6:06)
  9- Sand Palm V(2:47)
10- Dear Me,(3:50)
11- You'd Make A Lot of Money...(5:15)
12- Death To Disco(6:10)
13- Mag 3(3:11)
14- The Burrowers Beneath(9:16)
15- Fading of My Memories(3:41)
16- Sand Palm VI(2:15)

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The 16 Deadly Improvs started way back in 1995 as a collective of New Jersey based musicians who came together to, indeed, improvise. Now, fifteen years later they arrive at their fifth release. After The 16 Deadly Improvs, The Return Of The16 Deadly Improvs, The Challenge Of The 16 Deadly Improvs and The Revenge Of The 16 Deadly Improvs, we can now enjoy the aptly named The Triumph Of The 16 Deadly Improvs. The core group of six musicians are still stylistically all over the place, which makes this a difficult album to review. It can be stated, though, that the instrumental tracks are a lot better than the vocal ones, as they sound like John Wetton- era King Crimson performed by the Adrian Belew-era King Crimson. There's a lot of nice guitar playing on the basis of a solid rhythm section. It takes The 16 Deadly Improvs two vocal songs to get into the instrumental swing; in short songs they never really venture into a jam band territory. This sometimes is a shame as some of the tracks could be a lot more enjoyed if they would have been longer. On the other hand, the songs are just too short to get boring. The Triumph Of The16 Deadly Improvs is a record that needs some time to be really appreciated. Listeners have to decide whether they want to take that time in these hectic periods.

** André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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