Seconds Before Landing -
The Great Deception

(CD 2013, 68:23, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- What Could It Be?(2:24)
  2- Welcome To The Future(5:53)
  3- Solitary Man(6:18)
  4- Instructions(4:19)
  5- Alice Springs(4:14)
  6- Innocent(6:02)
  7- They're All Around You(5:23)
  8- I'm All Alone(4:59)
  9- Elmendorf(6:14)
10- Down On Me(6:13)
11- Right Before Your Eyes(4:51)
12- My Time To Go(5:17)
13- Mikey Get Your Accordion(5:32)
14- Message In A Field(0:44)


Seconds Before Landing are an American rock band from Pittsburgh formed by composer and multi-instrumentalist John Crispino. The Great Deception is their first full-length album. This concept album contains almost seventy minutes of mechanical music and shows no emotion whatsoever! Most of the songs also contain lots of stupid talking and this babbling throughout the album really gets on my nerves! Opener What Could It Be? only consists of talking, while most of the music on this CD is filled with loops, electronics and soundscapes. The only decent track is called Solitary Man, which almost sounds as an old song by the Dutch band Ayreon. The remainder is sheer dullness and boredom with a capital B. This is certainly not an album I like. The Great Deception truly is one great deception!

*+ Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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