Ordinary Brainwash - ME 2.0

(CD 2012, 47:09, Metal Minds Records MMP CD 0706 DG)

The tracks:
  1- Outdated(6:18)
  2- ME 2.0(4:48)
  3- Unbirthday(7:42)
  4- Stay Foolish(5:43)
  5- Don't Look Back(3:40)
  6- Homesick(6:20)
  7- Critical Error(6:21)
  8- Something New(6:20)

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Ordinary Brainwash is a Polish solo project of Rafal Zak. This multi-instrumentalist treats you to 47 minutes of melancholic, piano-based electronic music. ME 2.0 is actually quite interesting, although sometimes I got a bit bored, but that was mainly due to the rather monotonous vocals of Zak. The music on this album reminded me of bands like No-Man or Nosound with a bit of Steven Wilson ingredients as well. Unbirthday, which is definitely my favourite track on the album, is an example of that similarity. Most of the songs are dominated by the piano and I truly missed a couple of great guitar hooks and melodies that would have made this album more complete.

The title track offers a great heavy guitar hook and Something New ends with a rather melodic guitar solo, so Rafal Zak knows how to play the strings! Stay Foolish, Don't Look Back and Homesick are three songs which are rather hard to get used to, as they are probably too 'alternative' for my ears. However, this Rafael Zak has musical potential, so I'm looking forward to a new album by Ordinary Brainwash, hopefully with more guitar based songs! I would recommend people who like No-Man, Nosound and Steven Wilson to check out ME 2.0!

*** Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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