RSC - AKA Flyrock

(CD 2008, 63.49, Lynx music)

The tracks:
  1- Rudy 38(9:40)
  2- Nurek(6:19)
  3- Zynmuntowska(7:22)
  4- A Dzis Na Przedmiesciach(5:13)
  5- RSC(4:29)
  6- Biaty Aniot Nostalgii Gra W Kaprysie(4:00)
  7- Towarzysz Pergamin(5:02)
  8- Fazi Nasz Korespondent W Ameryce(7:50)
  9- Najwiekszy Entrepreneur Swiata (6:28)
10- Niczego Wiecej(5:07)

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It’s always difficult if you’re in a foreign country and you don’t speak the local language. You can’t communicate properly. And that is my experience with this CD from the Polish band named RSC. All information in the inserts and on the internet was abracadabra for me. So I have to give you my personal opinion without knowing if I am correct with my information. Rudy 38 is the instrumental opener. A little mix between Vangelis and Gandalf. Not bad, but nothing  new under the sun. Next song, Nurek, is up tempo, with a good vocal but the Polish language is not my thing… It’s in the vein of the Dutch group Taurus and Pisces. Zynmuntowska, is a dark instrumental with synth waves, heavy guitar riffs and some vague new wave influences of bands like The Fall and The Sound. Again, the problem for me is the Polish language, so I don’t know what he’s singing about. It ends with heavy guitars and little bit of chaos. RSC is a traditional rock ballad in the vein of Eros Ramazzotti which has a nice guitar solo at the end. Biatty Aniot Nostalgii Gra W Kaprysie is even more pop oriented with the ‘electric’ violin and  modern beats with violin. It could be the Polish competitor of the European Contest. Towarzysz Pergamin is again a very poppy song, in the style of the singles of Phil Collins. Fazi Nasz Korespondent W Ameryce is a 7 minutes long story told by the lead singer with a nice poppy chorus even if it is a little bit tedious at the end. Najwiekszy Entrepreneur Swiata has the same structure (pop with modern beats) and slowly the music of RSC begins to irritate me.  Last song, Niczego Wiecej is slightly better but not good enough to convince me that they are a really talented band.  

My conclusion is that this is not a progressive rock CD but a melting pot of very different – mainly pop -songs….It had some good moments, but in my opinion I missed the musical fantasy and ideas of a really good prog rock band. Over an hour listening to a strange language is tough work.   

 *+  Cor Smeets (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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